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SBus DSP Processor Cards

S56X2-3064 SBus DSP card with 66 Mhz DSP56002, 3064 A Xilinx
S56X2-3042 S56X2 with Xilinx 3042A for compatability with S56X applications


BCE Port Adapter Cards

XCVR Universal programable 25 pair RS-422/485 line transceiver, DC-37 interface card


Audio/Data Acquisition Peripherals

ProPort 16 bit analog to difital, 20 bit digital to analog, microphone support



Peckbus cards

DDXB Dual-DSP Xilinx Peckbus card, two 40Mhz DSP56002, 4008E Xilinx, 12 MBytes DRAM
SCSI-DSPX Peckbus Controller card with SCSI interface, DSP 56002 at 66MHz, 96KW SRAM Xilinx 4008E Peckbus/User interface logic and 12MBytes of DRAM
DINXCVR Universal programable 25 pair RS-422/485 line transceiver, 3U card
QADC Quad 16 bit ADC Peckbus card, opto isolated, differential input 125 Mhz sample rate per channel in four channel mode. 250 khz sample rate in two channel mode. 500 mhz sample rate in 1 channel mode
L100-TDP SCSI Telemetry Data Processor Box
L10B-TDP SCSI Telemetry Data Processor Box, Disk style enclosure, desk top box, standard SCSI-2 connectors, 110V power supply, custom I/O connectors
L10BTDP-INT SCSI Telemetry Data Processor Box, CDROM style enclosure, internal mount, SCSI-2 ribbon cable and Molex power connectors, custom I/O connectors









Sofware Developers Kits:


Sofware Developers devlopment tools for the S56X2, DDXB and SCSI-DSPX

  • Device driver, Dr Bub DSP library, diagnostics and demos
  • qckmon C code fpr DSP access for SPARC
  • DSP56001 Assembler, Linker, and Library $1,000.00
  • QDM tcl/tk based Real-Time Debugger for the S56X2, DDXB and SCSI-DSP









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