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Software Distribution

BCE Sofware Distribution 27 March, 2000

Basic documentation and installation instructions (NOTE: hold SHIFT key when clicking on these links to download these files.)

3/27/00 README(shift key)


Device Driver for S56X2 (streams and shared-memory) and SCSI-DSPX

Release 4.4.12 of the S56X2 streams driver, S56X2 shared-memory driver and the SCSI-DSPX device driver
3/27/00 dsp_stream_4.4.12.tar.gz  569,769 Bytes


Applications for S56X2 and SCSI-DSPX

Release 4.1.1 of tutorials, diagnostics and demos for the S56X2 and SCSI-DSPX devices

7/3/97 dsp_apps_4.1.1.tar.gz     745,207 Bytes

File extraction utility

8/11/95 gunzip(shift key) 72,672 Bytes


CLAS (Linker, assembler, simulator)

This a convenience copy of the Motorola development tools which I can no longer find on their web site.

5/9/97 clas56.tar.gz 3,060,314 Bytes

For information on Motorola DSPs go to: 




QDM (TCL Debugger)

5/9/97 tcl_bin_Solaris2.5.tar.gz 1,084,021 Bytes

5/9/97 tcl_sunos.tar.Z 1,874,849 Bytes

5/14/97 tclsh(shift key) 377 Bytes

The TCL language is also available free to download from many other sites.


Airborne Data Recorder User's Manual

4/2/98 BCE_ADR.DOC (Microsoft Word97 document) 472,064 Bytes

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